Cultural Tourism

Tanzania is among the countries with variety of ethnic groups. It has about 125 ethnic groups and languages, most of them are bantu speaking inspite of also having cushitic ( Iraqw & Mbughu), click (Sandawe) and nilotic languages (Maasai and Luo).

Cultural tourism in Tanzania involves cultural events, holy places, archaeological sites, exhibitions, natural interest, museums and monuments. Some of the most cultural heritage sites are:


Olduvai Gorge

Laetoli Foot Print

Bagamoyo Historical town

Zanzibar Stone Town

Kondoa Rock Art areas


Majority of the tourists prefer to visit local villages for traditonal meals, accommodation and activities such as farming, cycling, fishing, hunting on private lands, canoening, cooking local foods, local dancing and learning the history of the sorrounding community. This is only a portion of the beauty of the culture found here.

The Maasai, Hadzabe and Datoga are most well known ethnic groups that follow their traditions and culture till now, even though there are many other groups like Ndorobo and Tindiga.

>> The Maasai are well known for their numerous quantity of cattles and polygamous marriages.
>> Hadzabe is a hunting society
>> Datoga are best for pastrolism and iron smith.
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