Ruaha national park

Ruaha National Park was established in 1964 and it has an area of 20,226km squire, making it the largest national park in Tanzania.The park rich of animals, plants and fascinating landscapes provide a unique game viewing experience. The many rivers and springs in the park nourish the park all year round as flora and fauna get accommodated even during the dry season as animals concentrate along rivers.
Located some 650km from Dar es salaam, about 10 hrs. best time to visit is during dry season when road are dry.

How to get there:
This park is accessible by air and road

Lodges, public campsite, hostel and bandas

Udzungwa Mountain National park

Established in 1992, Udzungwa Mountain National park has an area of 1990km squire located in Morogoro region. It is heighted at 250 m – 27576 m above the sea level. Mt Luhomero and Mt Mwanihama are the two tallest mountains with 2576m and 2570m respectively. This park has an evergreen miombo savanna, lowland rain forest, submontane and montane forest. Also, it is a host of exceptional fauna and flora; monkeys such as the Iringa red colobus and Sanje Crested Mangabey and birds species which are endemic.
There are no roads for game drive, therefore, hiking along the trails and trek to the mountains are done by guides.

How to get there:
380 km, 5 hrs drive from Dar es Salaam; 65 kms southwest of Mikumi.

Camping inside the park. a lodge and 2 hostel about 1km to Mangula entrance.