Mikumi national park

Located in Morogoro region, about 290 km, 4 hours drive from Dar es salaam. Mikumi National park is only 3230km squire and it was established in 1964. It ranges from 430 m to 1290m which is mt Malundwe. Most famous of large quantity of mighty baobab trees and concentration of mammals especially the elephants.

How to get there:
This park is accessible by air, road and train.

Lodges, public & special campsites,resthouse and bandas

Arusha National Park

Home to black and white colobus monkeys. This is the closest park in Arusha town, if you are coming for a seminar or a meeting just after finishing it, then visit and relax at this park for a day trip and have a peace of mind very quiet and unique park to visit
One hour to drive to get there.

Things to do:
 Climb mt meru
 Water falls visit
 Guide bush walk
 Game drive around momela lake
 Canoeing

 Ngurudoto Lodge
 Serena mountain village
 River trees
 Meru view lodge and mt meru game lodge
 Arusha hotels and lodges Around ArushaWe have overcome the alphabet claimed martin, explaining that it was never an ideal way of arranging dictionary information, as it works best if you know dominant what you`re looking for

Ngorongoro crater

[vc_row][vc_column][dfd_simple_image_gallery module_animation=”transition.shrinkIn” dfd_layer_image=”12036,12037,12038″ items_offset=”0″ image_width=”900″ image_height=”600″ slides_to_show=”1″ slides_to_scroll=”1″ carousel_slideshow_speed=”3000″ use_dots=”show” dots_style=”dfdadvancesquare” images_style=”carousel” tutorials=””][vc_column_text]Ngorongoro crater has an area of 8,292 sqkm and crater which is the largest and broken caldera in the world with altitude of 2,286m surrounded by steep walls raising 610 m from the crater floor and covers area of 260 sq km.
Ngorongoro creator has been declared as the 8th word heritage center.
Ngorongoro crater is ever green and this is because there is good and enough flow of water within the crater which are caused by the Lake Eyasi, Gol mountains, Obalali swamps and the Olduvai George which surrounds the crater.
There are certain number of animals that are found in the crater throughout, these animals are zebra, wildebeest, eland, gazelle warthog, buffalos, etc, which are the main attraction to the predators which are lions, cheetah, leopard and hyenas. In additional this is where the black rhino are found.
Without forgetting there is also a unique attraction of the birds found in this area which are flamingos, fish eagle, heroin, crested crane, marabou stock, secretary bird etc.

Things to do when in Ngorongoro
 Maasai village visit (cultural tour)
 Coffee plantation visit(karatu)
 Forest walk on the escarpment of Olmoti and Epakaai crater.
 Game drive for filming

Best time to visit.
Dry season which is between June and to feb
Lets speak about the the rain season in Ngorongoro which is between November and mid-December, it’s a little bit of rain which brings another attraction of birds which is the best time to hear lost of different sounds from lots of different birds species and off course get to see them more closely

This is found inside the Ngorongoro conservation area, where the fast-human skull was discovered

This empakai is found inside the Ngorongoro conservation area but also very unique because its large area is covered by the lake and so make it appear so beautiful on it on way.

 Ngorongoro crater lodge
 Serena Ngorongoro
 Sopa Lodge
 Entamanu tetnted camp
 Ang’ata Camp
 Rhino Lodge
 Ndutu safari Lodge
 Lake Maseki Tented Lodge

 Ngorongoro farm house
 Retreat at Ngorongoro
 Gibs farm
 Kitela Lodge
 Farm house valley
 Boga Mvilia
 Farm of dreams etc

This is the place where the great migration are calving every year around February march and April, don’t miss this natural spectacular event of them all where by predators as well can be seen around this area waiting to hunt the week migrants, and these predators are lions, leopard, hyenas, cheetah and Jackals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]In many ways, this iconic hawker centre is like the english language something originally https://techariz.com/grant-writing-tips/ british that was brought to singapore during the colonial era, then reshaped, rebuilt, and repurposed over the years to suit the changing needs of singaporeans

Serengeti National Park

The name Serengeti was derived from the Maasai Language which means “The Plains with no ends” or
Endless plain, the vast and its real you can experience this as you get in there.

But Serengeti eco-system divided into different land formation where it has Hills, open area, woodland
and River circuit, where there is seasonal and permanent rivers

It is about 335km away from Arusha stretching north to Kenya Maasai Mara and bordering Lake Victoria
to the west. It was established as a park in 1951

Things to do:
 Spectacular game drives
 Hot air balloon safaris around seronera Valley, western Serengeti and southern Serengeti around nduta are. Depends on Migration of the wildebeest, but in seronera it can be done all year around.
 Maasai rock paintings and Musical rocks at Moru in Serengeti If you looking for immigration it depends where are they going to be, but it depends on what clients want.

The best time time to see
Jan – Feb – Ndutu
March – April
May – June seronera Area
July – western Serengeti around grummet river, where it is also famous for crocs as well

LODGE: Serena kirawira, Mbalageti Chalet & seasonal mobile camps.
July – August – September & October – They will be around Serengeti north where they are heading to
Maasai Mara. This is so unique to see how they cross this river with so many crocs and hippos.
Walking safaris can be arranged as well inside the park. It will be done with Game Ranger with Rifle
again Serengeti is also known for its high density of lions, cheetah and also leopards can be seen here than any park.
Pleas send us you email and we will assist you to arrange your safaris or program.

General: please bring spare glasses, cream for bits sun cream
No need to worry about malana its endemic and can be preventable, only use the repellant and cover up at sundown use of puts

On safaris: please bring film and batteries for your camera. Protect your camera from dust and keep equipment and film cool. Ask permission before photographing local people

Please we advise you to take out travel insurance to cover loss of baggage or valuables personal items, accident and medical expenses

We recommend 15$ – 30$ per person per day for your safari guide or max 20% will be appreciated.

It is very safe but don’t walk alone during the night.It`s an interesting question, with a better answer from https://itechhacks.com/how-to-do-well-in-college-academic dr

Lake Manyara


This is another park which is found in the famous East African rift valley
It is about 120km from Arusha, it has 6245sqkm, it is very famous for its high concentration of baboon’s and lions climbing trees, beautiful landscape, birds, flamingoes. Hot spring which come from rock walls of great rift valley.


 Lake Manyara tree lodge
 Tortilis tented Camp other are located around the escapment of the rift valley like
 Serena Manyara lodge
 Escapment lodge
 Kirurumu tented camp
 Twiga Camp & lodge
 Njake lodge/Jambo

Things to do:

 Walking safaris
 Night game drives
 Photographic safaris
 Game drives with 4WD Vehicles with pop up roof
Best time to visit is from April – Dec
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Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi

This is a home for bushmen. the only tribe that lives in the bush. They are also known as good hunter in this area. Gathering roots, wild fruits and tubers Meet also with blacksmith in this area where they make tools from un-used iron things like padlocks etc. making bow & arrows out of this un-used iron pieces

The visit:

Can be visited all year around but the best time is from may to Dec soon after rain stop. Its so hard to drive during rain season due to rivers and terrain of the area

Things to do:

  • Hunting with the bushmen early in the morning
  • Visit Datooga home and sing together
  • Visit the blacksmith
  •  See and learn on how they make arrows and knives
  •  How they melt pieces of iron and molding them the way they want
  •  Visit Onions farm: This area is famous for good onion plantation.


  • Lake Eyas safari lodge
  • Kisima ngeda tented camp
  • Ziwani luxury lodge

NOTE: Also, day trip can organize from Karatu to Lake Eyasi.The estimates https://www.nosweatshakespeare.com/blog/shakespeare-essay-writing-guide/ usually come from twin studies

Tarangire National Park

This is a home of elephants where by it covers about an Area of 2520sq.km,
It is about 2hrs 30 min to drive from Arusha.

The best time to visit Tarangire is during the dry season where there is so many concentration of different animals near Tarangire river.

What to see:

Herds of Elements, lions, African buffalos, cheetah, wildebeest, leopard, zebra , gazelles and many more. rare to see wild dogs but sometimes can be seen.

Things to do:

Walking safaris:

You will be accompanied by armed ranger where you will see different animals footprints and different medicine /herbs where it was used by Maasai and other tribes.

Game drives:

You will be in a Vehicle with pop up roof where the guide is driving into different game wops search for wild animal in their habitats.
Gives you good viewing and chance to have nice photos.
It can be done either in the morning or evening time when it is not hot from the sun

Photographic safaris

4WD vehicles with a professional safari guide. Morning or evening time start from 6:00 in the park.
We advice to sleep over inside the park so as to have an early game drives,
Also balloon safaris can be organized as this is client request.

Culture visit/ Maasai visit

Early in the morning to see on how they drain blood from their cows, where they use it for medicine and mixes with sour milk:

  • See and learn how to milk with Maasai women such an awesome activity
  • Dance – This can be done soon as you visit at the boma. See woman dancing and see how boys can jump high


There are luxury centered camp inside the park like

  • kichunguu tented,
  • Swala tented
  • lemala camp(super luxury)
  • Oliver’s camp + little Oliver camp,
  • Sopa lodge,
  • Tarangire safari lodge.

For those who prefer camping there is a camping area inside the park


This can be organized at Tarangire safaris lodge & Swala tented camp (santuory) Ang’ata tented camp
Pleas lets us know if you need to do this so as to make a booking earlier.Setting sail read more about jamestown https://bitrebels.com/lifestyle/10-effective-resume-tips-receive-job-dreams/ problems comments the american pageant ch