Why Kilimanjaro Is a Great Mountain for Any Bucket List

Are you putting together a bucket list? You should consider putting this great mountain on the list. Kilimanjaro is a volcano in Tanzania, East Africa, and is known for its glaciers and views of the surrounding landscape. It is the highest mountain in Africa, standing at 5,895 meters (19,340 feet). But what makes it a great mountain for adventure enthusiasts? This article will discuss why climbing Kilimanjaro is a great mountain for any bucket list.


The volcano is the highest free-standing mountain in the world and is part of the “Seven Summits,” which contain the highest mountains on each continent. The other six summits include:
  • Everest (Asia)
  • Aconcagua (South America)
  • Denali (North America)
  • Vinson Massif (Antartica)
  • Kosciuszko (Australia)
  • Elbrus (Europe)
Kilimanjaro is an active stratovolcano, which is a cone-shaped volcanic peak shaped by lava flows, ash, and pyroclastic flows. The mountain’s name comes from the Kilimanjaro of the Chagga people and means “shining mountain” or “white mountain.” The valleys of Kilimanjaro also are a sight to see, as they are home to some of the tallest trees in Africa. In fact, Andreas Hemp estimates that the Entandrophragma excelsum found in one of the valleys reaches 81.5 meters and is about 600 years old.


The challenge alone is enough to go, as it will test climbers to the very limits of their physical capabilities. But the unique combination of landscapes, wildlife, and the possibility of reaching Africa’s the highest point is why Kilimanjaro should be on every bucket list. Climbing Kilimanjaro is ideal for outdoor adventure enthusiasts looking for a challenging but rewarding experience. The journey to the summit is full of breathtaking landscapes, unique animal life, and breathtaking views. To climb Kilimanjaro, people spend three days or more trekking to the summit. Most of the time spent climbing Kilimanjaro is on the Lemosho and Shira Plateau trails, which are just under the equator. However, climbing enthusiasts aren’t the only ones that will enjoy the trek. Many trails are accessible for climbers of all levels.

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